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Author Topic: Desperate to escape M$, desperate not to lose Crimson Editor  (Read 2342 times)
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« on: May 31, 2012, 09:49:40 am »

Hi all,

First a huge thanks for Crimson Editor Smiley  I use it all the time, ALL the time!  I write a lot, several thousand words a day on average, and at the moment have 73 tabs open on it.   Occasionally I use it for writing "code":  HTML and CSS, but generally it is "just" my WP.   It does what I need, it edits text, it is lean, it has every function I could ask, for whereas M$ Word and OOo are bloatware that focus on giving me stuff that, as a writer, I don't need or want to be bothered by until the writing is finished!

So, after being forced onto Win7 Sad (from XP - and nearly a year later still not having recovered!!) I really want to get out of M$ now altogether.  My plans of course revolve around moving over to Linux but I realise (D'Oh!) that Crimson Editor and Emerald Editor may/will probably not work on Linux???... so I am stuck with M$???  Nooooooooooo!!  Sad

Please tell me I have misunderstood  (..and what!)  ?  Or is there something VERY like CE/EE for Linux??

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