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Author Topic: Inefficient writes of files  (Read 2514 times)
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« on: February 17, 2012, 12:17:10 am »


I've been a long time user of Crimson Editor and been very happy with it, so thank you to all involved.

Recently my Windows XP machine has developed a performance issue which caused me to monitor file writes. I noticed that when I save my 8883 line text file (401KB) cedt.exe does 17225 file writes to save the file, that's an average of about 24 bytes per write. This is to a local disk SATA disk. I am using Sysinternals' procmon.exe to monitor this. The Tools->File Summary shows it very clearly. Initially I suspected that this was unique to my machine how that is not the case I have also tested Crimson on Windows 7 with the same file and found the same behaviour. I've also tried freshly generated text and have realised that Crimson appears to write out the text of each line and then the user chosen end-of-line string (unix(2 bytes) or dos(1 byte)) characters.

In contrast writing the same file out in notepad is done in 64KB chunks or doing a file copy in Windows Explorer does the copy in 64KB chunks.

I have seem previous forum discussions connected to slowness with users of Samba. I wonder now if this strategy of writing out the file in so many tiny chunks doesn't provoke poor behaviour of network connected drives. To be clear though I do not use Samba. I just noticed this because of an unrelated performance problem with my machine.

So my request is that Crimson be improved to buffer it's output and write out to the disk in large chunks. Perhaps follow Microsofts lead by using a 64KB buffer.

Thanks and all the best,
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