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Author Topic: Feature request  (Read 5508 times)
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« on: September 16, 2009, 12:39:29 pm »


I've found Crimson Editor.. or is it Emeral Editor?.. recently. First I have to say is it looks nice, but also I have to say that I'm not sure what I'm using. I've gone to emeral editor page, clicked on "download" link on top of page, and I get redirected to sourceforge, where I get an automatic download of Crimson Editor.

So I guess I have Crimson editor (3.72) but I'm not sure.

Said this, I don't know if I should post on Crimson Editor feature request, or Emeral Editor, I'm completely lost.

I will so post the feature requests here, hoping they may help.

First of all, I must say I'm an Ultraedit user since .. can't remember, probably since the 90's, but lately I'm trying to replace any propietary software with open source one, and so this is why I'm using this Crimson (żEmerald?) editor for one week already. The features I will request are features tha I miss from Ultraedit. I have read in feature request forums some of them already have been requested, I will add myself to those requests.

Well, there I go:

1) SFTP, I saw some ppl already requested it. I just want to point to another open source project: Filezilla client. It is not supporting SFTP straightaway but using something from the "putty" ssh client. If you check Filezilla cliente folder you will find there the executables being called. Maybe you can use that way for the plugin you say it may come.

2) Recent files don't include ftp files. I use to edit from ftp, but then those files don't appear on the recent ones.

3) Code completion. Ultraedit is able to complete words when you click Ctrl-Space, using those keywords on the keyword list, and also those words already identified as variables in the lines above the one you are. I'm very used to this when I edit php files.

4) Hex editor. I saw it has been already requested, I just want to add myself to the requesters.

5) Keep "open from ftp" dialog open. Ultraedit has a checkbox on the "open from ftp" dialgo that says "keep dialog open". That means that you can continue opening files from ftp and from different folders whithout having to go to the menu again, select ftp site, etc.

Maybe all those requests are already in Emerald Editor (that I can't find), or maybe not.

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« Reply #1 on: September 17, 2009, 06:05:58 pm »

There is a lot of confusion around Crimson Editor (CE) vs. Emerald Editor (EE). Basically, EE was going to be an open source replacement for CE when CE was neither open source nor being updated, but then CE was released as open source. So we host CE development here, but it really is a separate project than EE. EE development has stopped, but there is no reason why it could not be restarted later. It is thought by some (including myself) that it would be easier to write EE from nothing than to adapt CE to be like what we wanted for EE. In short, CE downloads are the only ones available because EE is too immature to be useful.

I should probably explain that more fully in a post by itself and sticky it to the forum.

As for the feature requests, they sound good. However, we have a lack of willing and able developers right now; so I wouldn't expect to see any of it soon. My suspicion is that more advanced features like code completion and hex editing will probably never make it into CE. I think it is more likely that EE development will get revived and EE will out-pace CE to those more advanced features.
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