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Author Topic: capitalize doesn't work correctly with cp1250  (Read 3129 times)
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« on: December 29, 2008, 12:55:53 am »

I have found that my favourite Crimson editor continues its development
under Emerald group. Thanks!

I have some proposals which could help people editing texts
with letters above ascii127 (personally I use coding cp1250):
Even if "make uppercase" and "make lowercase" work both fine, the function
"Capitalize" does not (in original version 3.70 it was not even possible
to select the whole word with some letters above 127 which now works).
Perhaps the same reason breaks the spelling of words which are in dictionary
but contain some uppercase letter above 127. On the other hand it would be better
if some special characters like , , were not included into words (like the
symbols " or |).

It would be also helpful if one could choose that words starting e.g.
with backslash \blabla are not spell-checked at all.

The last question: is there some way to manage that accented letters are
also searched when using \a in regular pattern?

Karel Horak
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