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Author Topic: Crimson Editor Development Binaries  (Read 85507 times)
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« on: June 21, 2007, 04:02:15 am »

This post has attached revision 263 in the SVN for Crimson Editor. Note that this is a test build, and it may mess up a previous install of Crimson Editor. Once a build is posted here for a few days, it will usually become the main SourceForge download for Crimson Editor. We post the builds here first so any major problems can get caught before the build reaches the larger SourceForge audience.


Having said that, I doubt they will mess anything up too bad. I think 3.70 and the latest build should run together without any problems.

There is an NSIS installer, a portable zip file and a 7z file. The zip and 7z distributions can be run from a USB and be moved from computer to computer while retaining their settings.

The other moderators and I will try to keep this post updated as new fixes and features come in.


* cedt-286-setup.exe (1643.89 KB - downloaded 1540 times.)
* cedt-286-portable.zip (1609.04 KB - downloaded 1235 times.)
* cedt-286-portable.7z (1175.88 KB - downloaded 998 times.)
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« Reply #1 on: June 21, 2007, 04:02:37 am »

This post tracks the changes for various revisions. Another moderator or I will update this whenever one of us posts new binaries.

Here are a list of meanings for the prefixes of the items listed:
Fixed - A bug has been fixed.
Feature - A feature has been added.
Workaround - A bug exists for which there is no solution ATM; however a workaround has been added to make CE usable in the interim.
Syntax - Syntax Files have been added or updated.
Documentation - Documentation has been added or updated.
Dev - Notes for developers regarding the build environment.

Revision 264-286:
  • Fixed: Buffer Overflow expoilt when loading Dictionary
  • Fixed: Floopy Drive access on startup (If floppy is drive A or B only)
  • Dev: Reworked Distribution Scripts to auto-update SVN Number
  • Fixed: Fixed a crash in debug mode when opening binary files by making char be unsigned by default instead of signed Bug 33
  • Fixed: When doing a replace all with a regular expression that matches the empty string
  • Dev: Changed the name of the safe mode shortcut in the installer.
  • Dev: Made the uninstaller remove the safe mode shortcut and remove the documentation images.
  • Dev: Updated filename attributes in the exe. We don't include a version number in the exe name anymore.
  • Dev: Tweaks to aid translation
  • Dev: Removed VS 2008 solution as it was out of date

Revision 260-263:
  • Fixed: File listings in FTP showed file creation time as part of the filename.
  • Fixed: File tab LED color highlighting.
  • Dev: Distribution creation script updated.

Revision 257-259:
  • Fixed: Having "Allow Multiple Instances" set to false did not work when using the portable distribution.
  • Syntax: Updated keyword listing for batch scripts.
  • Dev: Removed the usage of the upx compressor.
  • Dev: More tweaks to the system for building the CE distribution. See the SVN commit logs for details.

Revision 242-256:
  • Dev: Unified the two scripts to make the distribution.
  • Change: Switched from .tar.bz2 to .7z. The .zip version is still included.
  • Dev: Updated the command-line tools and switched from using gsar to using sed.
  • Dev: Updated system to show SVN revision in the about dialog, the executable properties, and the installation directory.
  • Syntax: Updated keyword files for D and NSIS. Thanks to Robby Lansaw and Mike Parker for the D update.
  • Syntax: Correctly syntax color multi-line strings in lisp.
  • Syntax: Added Pick Basic syntax files from Ibrahim.
  • Enhancement: Bumped up max fixed wrap width to 200.
  • Fixed: High resolution mouse wheel fix from Andy.
  • Documentation: Added some cross-references.
  • Dev: Fixed installer script looking for depracated rev*.cerev
  • Fixed: Autodetect Syntax for PHP files loads Syntax Files for PHP4.  Bug 144
  • Fixed: Ftp bugs with linux servers, and removed workaround (WinInet is now DISABLED by deafult) Bug 35
  • Fixed: Sorting of remote files/dirs in Open Remote dialog. Bug 161
  • Fixed: Crash on copy of long data form Output Window.  Bug 17
  • Syntax: Added MULTILINESTRINGCONSTANT to PHP syntax file.

Revision 237-241:
  • Fixed: Added Fix for Vista permissions, CE will now run with the highest Availiable permissions for the user. Std user will not be able to add CE to context menu, however Admin users will be able to as they will be prompted to run CE by the UAC. Bug 122
  • Dev: Added CEDT_BETA define to cedt_us.rc to allow inlcuding of res/betaver.h, this file changes the About dialog caption to include the svn version of the build, the file res/betaver.h gets overwritten just before build time by the batch files. #define CEDT_BETA should be commented out for release versions
  • Feature: Added Right Click on tab option to close all other tabs excluding the one clicked on
  • Documentation: Added info about "Close Other"
  • Documentation: Updated syntax file help to include PAIRS4 information.
Revision 236:
  • Fixed: Removed regression which caused extra NULLs to appear at the beginning of a file that was saved.
Revisions 229-235:
  • Fixed: Added Fix for Vista permissions, CE will now run with the highest Availiable permissions for the user. Std user will not be able to add CE to context menu, however Admin users will be able to as they will be prompted to run CE by the UAC. Bug 122 - Will be re-added in 237+
  • Syntax: Updated SQL and Tcl/Tk syntax.
Revisions 224-228:
  • Fixed: Samba share slow writing issue. Bug 11 - Introduced NULL bug
  • Fixed: OutputWindow double-click fails to open file when filename contains parenthesis.  Bug 114
  • Dev: Fixed MakeDistribution.bat after moving the vs project files.
Revisions 216-224:
  • Fixed: Slow startup/Shutdown. Bug 97
  • Syntaxes: Added mxml syntax support and updated actionscript syntax.
  • Syntaxes: Added ks.spc/ks.key for Redhat kickstart configs, must be added to the list manually.
  • Added "Reload Syntaxes" to the Documents menu, it reloads all syntaxes & the active document.
  • Added extension.txt link file for text files that start with something that the first line check will screw up formatting for.
  • Documentation: Hot Keys reference added.
  • Documentation: Index updated.
Revisions 208-215:
  • Feature: Active File Tab is now highlighted Bug 85
  • Added release notes link to "About dialog".
  • Documentation: Added Release notes.
  • Documentation: reformatted Howto section.
  • Documentation: calculator section reworked.
  • Documentation: Updated about section
  • Documentation: Fixed hyperlinks in commands section
  • Removed word "Encoding" from some menu items Bug 87
  • Documentation: Copyright fixed
  • Documentation: Commands section heavily reformatted
Revisions 194-207:
  • Documentation: Custom syntax section formatted.
  • Documentation: Commands section updated
  • Documentation: Preferences and Commands sections reformatted.
  • Documentation: CSS updated
  • Documentation: Copyright update (to include EE community)
  • Syntaxes: bash.key updated
  • Syntaxes: html.key updated
  • Templates: Added XML & XSLT
  • Templates: Added HTML doctypes strict, transitional & framesets that also include meta data
  • Documentation: Updated formatting in multiple sections in preferences.html
  • Quick fix for making the installer (gif->png)
  • Documentation: Colors and fonts sections revised.
  • Documentation: File wrap search in General section.
  • Documentation: More detailed description for Colors section.
  • Documentation: Removed "Line spacing".
  • Documentation: Added "Use spaces in place of tab"
  • Documentation: Replaced Word Wrap with visual.
  • Documentation: Heavily modified General section
  • Documentation: Added Visual section.
  • Documentation: Replaced all screenshots.
Revision 193:
  • Feature: Added /version switch to get CE to output its version to the file cedt.ver (note this will return the *new* version for beta releases and will not identify different builds) Bug 68
Revisions 191-192:
  • Fixed Tab sizes being restricted to 16 instead of 64 Bug 78
Revision 190:
  • Feature: Added commandline switch /safe to prevent CE from loading previously opened Docs. Bug 61
  • Also added a shortcut to the startmenu "Crimson Editor 3.72-safe" which passes this switch to CE
Revision 189:
  • Changed the status colour from green to black, so it is clearer for people who are red-green colour blind Bug 69
Revisions 187-188:
  • Added a file called rev%SvnRevision%.cerev (Crimson Editor REVision) into install dir to keep track of currently installed version.
Revisions 185-186:
  • Fixed UseWinInet line misspelled as UserWinInet in ini file
  • Workaround: UseWinInet is On by default as a workaround to CE crashing on open/save remote
Revision 184:
  • Fixed Customizing the syntax menu is not kept across sessions Bug 40
Revision 183:
  • Added rageboy's portability fixes to MakeDistributionLog.bat
  • Feature: Added the extra var $PAIRS4 to the list of pairs, so that the following would be valid:
  • Added the extra var $PAIRS4 to langspec.key so it highlights in the syntax files.
Revision 182:
  • Fixed portability not working
Revision 181:
  • Feature: Implemented Line-oriented cut and copy and got rid of empty lines preference, paste still needs to be implemented and keyboard shortcuts need to be defined.
Revision 180:
  • Fixed the build batch files, Added Dictionaries to xcopy, Removed user.dic & cedt.dic from copy, removed settings folder form xcopy
Revision 179:
  • Updated tcltk.key & tcltk.spec
Revisions 177-178:
  • Added upx to commandline tools and have modified the build batch files to compress the exe for *portable.tar.bz2 only due to the wiki mentioning inline decompression doesnt work for some platforms
Revision 176:
  • Added a tar.bz2 version of the portable Dist & also added it to the build batch file.
Revisions 172-175:
  • Removed MSI installer
  • Added the licensing info to licencefile.html and also the info in the readme to about.html
  • Updated the preferences documentation
Revision 171:
  • Wrong project file message when starting new install fixed
Revision 170:
  • Readme updated
Revision 169:
  • Moved Dictionaries into a folder called dictionaries
Revisions 167 - 168:
  • Moved settings for the current color scheme to the main configuration file so they can be separated by user too.
  • Made readme.txt shortcut open in Crimson Editor like 3.70 does.
Revision 166:
  • Set the default FTP backup folder in the configuration file so it is now displayed in the edit box.
Revisions 162 - 165:
  • Removed FTP Backup from under the file menu.
  • Added the color schemes to the installer.
  • Created a page for FTP settings and placed the FTP backup settings under it in preparation to move the FTP settings.
Revisions 158 - 161:
  • default.spec/default.key is now displayed under the syntax list in preferences.
  • Improvements in the color page in the preferences so colors in the schemes folder automatically appear in the list.
  • Replaced portability option with "Keep settings separated by user" option.
Revisions 154 - 157:
  • Default syntax added.
  • For any file with no key/spec file this will pair braces.
  • Remember User Input: The dialog produced by $(UserInput) when using "Tools" will remember the previously entered value, and use it as default.
Revisions 149 - 153:
  • DoubleClick New: Opens a new document when double clicking the empty part of the tab bar.
  • Open In File path: The Open dialog will start in the folder of the active document. Then you can open another file in the same folder with: Ctrl+O filename Enter.
  • Cmd In File path: Tools/MS-DOS Shell (F10) start the command prompt in the path of the active document. This instantly makes the function much more usefull.
    (Can be turned on/off in Tools->Preferences->Tools)
  • Comment Blank Lines: When you issue Ctrl+M on a block, blank lines will normally not get the comment symbol. This make all lines get comment symbols.
    (Can be turned on/off in Tools->Preferences->General)
Revisions 140 - 148:
  • Many settings moved to an ini file which can be hand edited.
  • No more corrupt config file messages.
  • New extension file for .nsh files.
  • Added FTP backup options. (Tools->Preferences->FTP Backup)
  • Bug fixes
Revisions 138 - 139:
  • Possible installer glitch fixed.
Revisions 127 - 137:
  • Portability setting added to general tab of preferences.
  • Bug fixes and small changes
Revisions 125 - 126:
  • More version separation so multiple versions do not use the same settings.
  • Better UTF-8 w/o BOM support.
Revisions 86 - 124:
  • Allowed Crimson Editor to run without an installation.
  • Changed help menu and about dialog to point to this website.
  • New PHP syntax files.
  • New installer which does not affect previous installations of CE.
  • New option to prevent empty lines from being cut, copied, or pasted.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.
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« Reply #2 on: April 22, 2008, 05:16:41 pm »

These binaries have also been added to the download page now.

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