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Author Topic: Curious side-effect to CE v.3.7.2  (Read 3065 times)
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« on: October 05, 2010, 07:46:02 pm »

I had three files open, all of them located in subfolders to the desktop. I went to edit an ISO file in PowerISO, deleted one item and added a newer one, also resident on the desktop. The first thing PowerISO went to write to the ISO was a file named "14b.tmp," which, when I checked it in a Cygwin terminal, had a file length of 129.2 MB. I checked my running applications and guessed that the culprit was probably CE, though I could have been wrong.

Nevertheless, running another "list directory" command after quitting v.3.7.2 showed that the 14b.tmp file had disappeared, so what else should one think?

I'm not stating this as fact, but it's been my experience that CE/EE rival OpenOffice in the stubborn-ness and persistence of the temporary files they create and maintain. Not to mention the arbitrary (and often, as above, impressive) size of said files. Coincidentally, I've had the former run up against the latter when CE attempted a "last save" on a CSV text file created by OO-Calc, which happened to be open and displaying the file in question.

To my way of thinking, the application may benefit by making more stringent use of the folder(s) specified in Tools>File>Backup than at the same time making temp files arbitrarily in folders close to the documents it's displaying.

Here's hoping some work has been done to correct this in the Emerald Editor versions.

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