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Author Topic: regex optional Replace in Files, logging functionality for global find/replace  (Read 2610 times)
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« on: May 28, 2010, 07:16:48 pm »

I would like a Replace in Files feature, which has
- optional regex,
- optional whole word,
- optional match case
- optional look in subfolders
- help button on regex that pops up a regex help dialog - I don't mind if it's rich or wide.  dialogs (depending on the programming language) can sometimes wrap.

having this feature would give this editor dreamweaver's power to globally search and replace tags across an entire site.  an appropriate dialog:

"You are about to globally search and replace files in subfolder "_____" . you should have a backup of your files before you start. Are you sure?" yes no (with no default button).

in some sort of output log window it should give the replace results of the lines it modified in one column, and the relative filepath in the next column.  you should be able to double-click on an entry to go to the place. the columns should be resizeable.

I want the same log-style functionality for all global find and replace operations.
I also want regex help button for the find dialogs.

why a regex help button?
because everybody implements regex differently.  some use () some use \(\) some use {} some use \{\} and sometimes it's ^ or it could be ~
some don't implement some of the parts of regex, such as :
that's why.
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