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Author Topic: All my suggestions  (Read 2735 times)
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« on: November 28, 2006, 04:28:24 am »

I am very supportive of the Visual Basic concept when a function is typed out, a box appears with the functions arguments. These of course would be included in the syntax files. Here is an example I Photoshopped originally in CE.

The next line of code is pushed down so you can still read it without the pop-up box displaying over it. This whole tool of course would only show when a hot-key is pressed or it could appear whenever the open parenthesis for a function is typed if the user wants to set it so in the preferences.

Someone mentioned having a tool to export the script to HTML for color printing and posting scripts online. I have already written a PHP script that does this using CE's .spc and .key syntax files for coloring. This idea could be easily implemented or EE could even just have the option to print in color, which is something CE cannot do.

If a hex editor is not going to be apart of the program, then EE should at least have a 'Go To' function capable of putting the cursor at the position of the inputted:
 line number
 line number and character number on that line
 character number within the whole file
 hexadecimal address of the file
 decimal address of the file

Another unique idea is to have an auto-complete hot-key that goes through any possible method with the given prefix typed in. Here is another Photoshopped depiction:

My last listed suggestion is simply just having the ability to drag the tabs and reorder them.

My other ideas aren't as practical but still interesting. I'll bring them up later if I can develop a better use for them.

Thanks and give feedback.
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