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Author Topic: Multipurpouse is dead! - Now is NEED  (Read 7462 times)
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« on: September 24, 2006, 09:40:41 am »

NEED is NovelEssay EDitor

For programmers it is allways natural that an editor should have coding features. Some instinctively say that creative writing should be done in huge word processors, but thats is basicly false.

When this comes to debate in writers forums as misc.writing or rec.arts.sf.composition its obvious that many writers prefere to write body /bulktext as TXT or RTF in small, fast multi-file editors. There are many reasons for this. # fast;   # small;   # large files;   # multifile;   # cut & paste large chunks;   # many redo/undo steps;   # less time consuming toys    ....or simply enjoy the Marilyn Monroe wisdom: "Small is beautiful!"   Some also write in small editors and paste into larger book-manager applications as yWriter and Litterary Machine.

>2 million people write long essays on a PC every day.[/u]

Features for creative writers editor (NovelEssayEditor - NEED)

1 Demanded: Spell on the fly, drag&drop, S&R, word wrap, multilevel undo/redo, >3MB txt-files

2 Preferred: Multifile w tabbes (or multiwindow), speed bookmark, jump-to, all hotkeys, easy dic change (implement OOo dic's!), project window, Active Line highlight & big transparent txt-cursor like EditPad Lite (low light laptops etc), enlarged mouse-cursor, open marked files,

3 Wish: quick-name/word insert, visible bookmark, extensive statistics in file on demand (and choosen files): characters /words /average characters per word /scentenses /average #words per scentense /estemated #pages, autosave backup per 15minutes, autosave new name 1hour, recognize urls, combine files, save editor position &size, 20 recent files, set page width.

_New _revolutionary _features_:
# Text "color categories" (toggle taged paragraphs show and printing on - off)
See: http://groups.google.se/group/alt.comp.freeware/browse_frm/thread/f470ec6ef66bb08f/c29ca1cb2abe25ad?lnk=st&q=please+santa+novell+editor&rnum=1&hl=sv#c29ca1cb2abe25ad
...and:  http://groups.google.se/group/alt.comp.freeware/browse_frm/thread/68bd2d682a896493/a0885672601020d0?lnk=st&q=creative+writers+textpad&rnum=2&hl=sv#a0885672601020d0
# Slightly extended TXT-format incl: Bold, italics and underline . Maybee also 1 fixed ~20%oversized font as primitive headline (non WYSIWYG). "Export clean" feature must follow.
# Quick Downsize page (zoom ~-30%) improving overview OR to use when searching.
# Speed feature: Limit spell-on-the-fly to on-screen words only.

No /Not having this (to promote speed):  icons, WYSIWYG,  macros, pagebreaks, columns, tables (can be done in any free big and slow wordprocessor),

Have you seen this: http://www.pricelesswarehome.org/acf/TextEditorReview.php
The web is crowded with good free programmers coding pads/editors (also DocPad, Jarte) and huge, slow wordprocessors (also Angelwriter, 602suite free, OOo Writer, Yeah Write free).

Fast, efficient and free hightech pc-typewriters for creative writers for year 2007 are close to non existing (_only_: Copywriter/editor, RoughDraft/processor) and non having full feataures for creative writing.


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« Reply #1 on: September 26, 2006, 03:30:09 am »

Finally, something novel.  HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Did you get the pun?? Look again.

Anyways, a number of the above things are planned from Emerald Editor.  Some of them may not be, but they could always be included as part of an Extension/Plugin if someone wanted to write one.  I hope after reading this post someone does, because I think you're right - there is little middle ground between Word Pad and Microsoft Office, heh.
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« Reply #2 on: September 26, 2006, 09:29:20 am »

Thanks! Yes, the problem is that most creative writers are not very handy with their PC. Plugins is often a no-no to them.

So, when it comes to creative writers the NEED for a "full featured" wordeditor is bigger, compared to coding editors.... programmers manage their own pc's naturally.

You also mention MS Office (Word), and we then should remember that some of a real creative word editor features is not included in Word either. The suites usually also tries to be multipurpouse (R.I.P). Interesting enough there is also some kind of fan-club for DOS StarWriter... as I understand because its fast and directly aimed towards large text writing.

Would it be very much extra work to make 2 varieties of an editor? One for coding and one for creative stuff?. ~80% would be the same code, wouldn't it?


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« Reply #3 on: September 26, 2006, 04:14:44 pm »

Generally, the focus of EE has been slanted toward it being primarily a programmer's editor.  It is replacing Crimson Editor, which was also primarily a programmer's editor.  While it's true that EE or CE *can* be used for something other than programming, it is its usefulness in programming that provides the greatest incentive for the developers to produce.  I remember seeing a post that said, "I look forward to the day when EE is developed using EE."  I look forward to that as well.

Extensions or Plugins may be intimidating to some users--and I'd personally be open to a better suggestion--but I don't think the answer is to add niche-specific features into the standard build of the editor.  Actually, the secret is probably in making the plugins system as painless as possible (a la Firefox).

Whatever the case, I'm just hoping to see some downloadable, installable binaries of something out there soon, even if only competitive with Notepad.  The developers have their hands full with that.
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« Reply #4 on: September 27, 2006, 05:21:09 pm »

It is interesting that this debate should come up.

I will start getting some of the binaries out there shortly (the ones which are 99% wxStEdit builds, even), which I think will help.

On to the subject of using CE/EE for novel writing, that may possibly have been some part of the original design - note that a spell checker is included with CE. It is actually quite interesting to spellcheck documents with CE to see what it does (and doesn't) pick up. Especially on something like a PHP script, if you have the time.

Anyhow, I think there is something there, to use it as a text processor (note, not a word processor by the current definition) - I write all my stuff, even my on-going novel, in CE at the moment, so it is viable to use.

To be honest, I used to use a package called Scribble! (anyone who remembers that, please show your hands now) which functionally is not so far removed from CE.

The practicality of it is that the core would be very similar, with the specialist functions (e.g. dictionary, thesaurus, plus other analysis tools) easily plugin-able.

Let's be honest, how many of the programmers that use CE use the spell check?

On the subject of plugins, I think to be honest we should make it as easy as possible, perhaps even easier than Firefox/Thunderbird if we possibly can: I'm thinking a system more like the Debian/Ubuntu system where the package manager - apt-get, synaptic and friends - looks up on a server for available packages then downloads them.

That way, we can support either a front-end system like Mozilla's website, plus a system driven directly from EE itself. I'm quite happy to manage the backend of this through, say, plugins.emeraldeditor.com and have a system I can build using PHP/Perl and Apache to serve contents information and just Apache itself to serve the plugins - no sense in reinventing the wheel for this.

"Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult!"
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« Reply #5 on: September 28, 2006, 03:36:24 pm »

Ima prowgramer.  I dont nede now stenkin' spel chekker !  Smiley

FYI, I would LOVE an as-you-type spell checker if it would check only comments and not the code itself.  Just add that to my Christmas wish-list.

Looking forward to seeing those binaries!!!
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« Reply #6 on: October 08, 2006, 12:09:12 pm »

Perhaps I'm not being nice now but, have you looked at these?

Some of those are not open source, so it's a little cheating. But all of thiese are aimed towards coding and are quite rich on features.

All those are free and have syntax color /highlighting. Most of them realy good (win).

NoteTab Light
Syn Text Editor
Crypt Edit
evolvEd Text Editor
RJ TextEd
Barry's Emacs

U may compare coding editors towards this featurelist aimed towards creative writing.
This is like an alternative features wishlist. And for a body-text editor only.

___Features for edit
# undo/redo, high level (>50)
# quick-name/word insert
# select word, line, scentence, pragraph, all
# built-in clipboard
# change case
# clean html
# clean pagebreaks
# clean tabs

___Features for search
# jump-to line
# speed bookmark
# visible bookmarks
# AND /OR advanced words in multifile search
# AND /OR advanced words in paragraph search
# # AND /OR advanced words in line search
# search & reaplace in files/disc
# search find all
# highlight color all marked
# extensive statistics in file
# language analyzis
# long words warning-beep (on/off)
# long scentence warning-beep (on/off)
# used words analyzis
# over-used word warning-beep (on/off)
# same word repeted in scentence warning-beep (on/off)
# extensive multifile statistics

___Features for viewing
# project window
# files window
# color interface options
# Active Line highlight (high visibility)
# big txt-cursor, transparent  (high visibility)
# set page width
# quick outzoom ~40% (for overview)
# line spacing (several steps)
# line numbers
# paragraph numbers
# show invisible characters
# window-tabbes visible shortcut-keys

___Features for graphical viewing, perception etc.
Editor NOT intended for graphical lay-out. BodyText writing /editing only!
# formated text (RTF-file)
# extended txt-format (bold, underline, italics)
# typewriter /keyboard sound (best speed)
# double stroke/irregular-key warning-beep

___Features for tools
# spell on the fly (+personal dictionary)
# spell on demand (+personal dictionary)
# autoword (as in cellphones)
# thesaurus
# rhyme lexicon
# easy dic &thesaurus installation/change
# autosave XX minutes
# autosave to X-file
# quickstart project icon creation
# encryption files for security
# macro
# plug-ins

___Features for windows
# file window arrangment (stack, pile, cascade, tile)
# split windows
# show status

___Features for files
# open multifile
# open project
# reload from last opened (autosave backup)
# join files
# split files
# save project (size, position, choosen files)
# file history (25)
# export to (rtf/sxw/otw/doc)
# export to html
# import outliners (treepad/keynote/TkOutliner)
# import html

___Misc.& performance features
# all hotkeys
# large file potential >1.5 million words
# (Invention) color categories text (multinode se note below)
# maximum speed

Note: Color categories text. Viewing feature: Writing parallell texts, mixed paragraphs in the same document. Each with it's own color. Body text is black and red and blue are note colors (see below). Color notes can be toggled on or off as liked. Black is meant for body text, red and blue for notes. One could also describe this like all blue (tagged by you) becomes same node, like a blue node that can appear anywhere you like. On screen and in printouts you choose if the blue text shoud be visible or not. Same goes for black, red, etc. Could also be called an easy-to-use "multi-node feature"

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