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Title: Find In Files not working
Post by: rowan.bradley on January 11, 2017, 12:20:00 pm
I'm trying to use the function Find In Files to find files containing the string "DOCUMENT_ROOT".

I have tried this in both Notepad++ and in Crimson/Emerald. Both hang when asked to do this search. The only way out seems to be to terminate the program.

The parameters that I am specifying are:
    Find What: DOCUMENT_ROOT
    File Type: *.php
    Folder: \\SUE-PC\C-Users\RowanB\Documents\Inetpub\www.sylvesterbradley.org\include

Why is this hang happening? Do Crimson/Emerald and Notepad++ share some code? If not, it's very difficult to understand why both should suffer from a very similar problem.

How can I do this search?

It seems that if I change the search string to DOCUMENT, then it works. Is it choking on the underscore character, or something?

I'm using Crimson Editor SVN286M on Windows 8.1 64bit .

Thanks - Rowan